Welcome to our Frequently Asked Question page

What is Veoclip.com?

Veoclip.com is a video clip, photo and music sharing platform. You can share or upload video clips, images, and music from different sources. 

Why my videos from other site appear here in Veoclip?

Our platform operates under the Terms of Service/Agreement of the website where it originated. If you believed that we violated your rights/privacy, please don't hesitate to contact us here. 

What are the websites link that can be shared in Veoclip?

You can share video and image from Youtube,Vimeo,Gametrailers,Metacafe,Dailymotion,Hell,Trilulilu,Viddler,Blip,Myspace,Twitcam,Ustream,Liveleak,Livestream, Facebook,Putlocker,Vk,Vine and many more.

How to share or embed and video from another site?

To be able to share or embed videos and music from another site, register first then click the upload icon on the upper left of the site. From there you have 4 options: Share videos, Upload video, Upload music, and Upload picture. 

Why I can't upload my videos?

Our site is designed to host video clips or short videos. If you can't upload here, you may opt to upload in Youtube or other media sharing site and share here the link. It will work as if uploaded here. 

Just in case you have a question or complain, please contact us here.