Solar bubble dryer : Grain storage solution Part 3 #Agribusiness

  • Solar bubble dryer - grain storage solution Part 3. Agribusiness How It Works.
    The Grainpro SBD or Solar bubble Dryer prevents Grain losses during drying of grains.
    Instructions on using the Solar Bubble Dryer
    1. Unfold the Solar Bubble Dryer
    2. Assemble the metal Frames.
    3. Connect the blower fans to the metal frames
    4. Connect the battery to the solar inverter and blowers
    5. Install the solar panels on another frame
    6. Connect the battery to the solar panels.
    7. Unzip the transparent plastic then load grain.
    8. Distribute the grains evenly maintaining a bed thickness of atleast 4 cms
    9. zip the transparent plastic and switch on the blowers.
    10. every 30 minutes, use a metal roller bar or unsharpened rake to flip the grains.
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